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Monday, February 5, 2007

Part Time Job

It was in year 2001, my dad just come back from visiting a science centre at KLCC. He told me to ask the staff for temporary job. My dad never ask me to find a job, but right now? A question mark arise in my puzzle head. Before this i really want to do a temporary job but my dad always did not agree with my choice. But now??? So one day, i went out to KLCC and find the science exhibition. It was located at level 4, Suria KLCC shopping complex. I queue like other visitor, pay the RM12 ticket and begin my journey. A black big seat like a cup is ready for me. I entered the "cup" and just watching all over the walls that speak to me??

When i arrived inside the exhibition centre, i just walk and walk until at so many hanging balls area. Then i spoke to one staff, seems like he trying to explain me about the exhibit, but i more interested to ask about the temporary job as my dad told me. A good conversation between us make a one deal. I just need to email to him my resume and he will help me to get that job. I am so thankful to him for helping me because this is my first experience to find a job.

One day, when i was at Penang for family vacation, i receive one call from him. He said that i was chosen to attend an interview with Petrosains HR personnel. I am so glad, because everything just happen in a month.

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