Rabu, 12 Disember 2007

Getting New Job

its time for me to move! surf the net, buy paper, ask my close friends if their office want to hire new staff; me? i want to find new job. tired of low salary paid, need new environment, new management, new attitude..new friends maybe...

its not easy...after i sent several application from small company to the blue chips one, i got various feedback.

i attend some interview and this is part of their feedback; and what i feel about it.

Shell @ Damansara Heights
- i was offered to choose either payable or receivable accounts. i choose receivable. then their ask me either i capable to work from 10am till 7pm from Sunday to Thursday, which is to follow Dubai time working hours/day. and i agree but my CV will be KIV!

a textile Factory @ PJ (some big issues ever arised from this area)
- this company call me for an interview after my CV being scan by Kellys Agency Services. i have to go there by KTM Komuter and arrived at taman Dato' Haron. after that i taking cab because i really don't know this area. the session is so short. i think its about 10min only. they said their company vehicle will pick up for their staff to go work and also send back. but luckily i dont get this job, besides, its quite scary here...
a construction company - they built highway and bridge @ Taman Melati
- i attend this interview (thanks dear for sent me there) in morning. they working hours is from 8.00am till 5.30pm Monday to saturday.gosh! very long working hours!somehow need to site visit to check any problem arising there - its about construction and cashflow should be strong enough. one day late will be impose penalty! after me was a young man. i do hope he get this job because he told me that he just get married and his wife work far from his present workplace. sob sob..
an energy company - biodiesel from plant @ Bangunan Syed Kechik @ top of Bangsar view
- i really hope to get attention from this company! even its so hard to reach the top, no public transport, you are lucky lucky if you can get cab. even the office environment is very attract me. so quiet, very corporate style..unfortunately i don't get any feedback.

DHL @Menara TM (pucuk rebung) Kerinchi
- ohhhhh i really want to work here!so near to my habitat! i dont care to work on saturday and my manager is an old lady!they ask if i can make cheque 20 pieces, i said i ever wrote a cheque more than 50! still i dont get luck here...toooooo bad!

Selasa, 31 Julai 2007

Lihat Sekeliling & Jangan Lupa Lihat Diri Sendiri

Pada akhir2 ni aku melihat diri sendiri..cuba mendalami diri sendiri..mungkin aku dah hidup 30 tahun tp blm kenal sepenuhnya diri sendiri..

Aku dihantar ke sekolah pada usia 6 tahun, aku belajar dan menulis serta membaca.pada usia begini, aku hanya tahu baca buku bahasa cakap2 sehari. kadang-kadang bila mak bercakap mula speaking, aku tergagau jugak mencari maksudnya..

bila di sekolah rendah bahan bacaan semakin banyak.bapak mula membeli ensiklopedia, masa tu rasa seronok sangat.sebab ada juga buku2 cerita dongeng, sains dan macam2 lagi. kerana harga buku yang mahal, kawan2 tak dibenarkan pinjam bawa balik rumah..tapi aku pernah meminjamkan pada seorang kakak, sudahnya buku tu dipulangkan dlm keadaan yg agak rosak sedikit. pada masa itu aku rasa bersalah.

masuk tahun ke-4 aku dihantar ke sekolah pondok. aku belajar bahasa arab, belajar agama, belajar mengaji.aku didedahkan dgn ilmu fardhu ain dan kifayah. tiada ilmu2 dunia sangat..setakat mengira dan mengeja.

7 stgh thn kemudian aku berhenti. aku rasa kekeliruan yg amat.banyak perkara2 yg aku persoalkan tapi tiada jawapan.aku nekad dan bapak berkata aku bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya atas tindakan aku berhenti sekolah pondok.

bila tinggal balik di rumah, jiwa mula rasa kosong perlahan-lahan.aku perlukan ilmu.aku dah biasa hadiri kuliah, kelas mengaji, bersukan dgn kwn2. untuk hilangkan bosan aku mula mebaca buku2 agama di rumah bapak. tp membaca tanpa ilmu bahaya, syaitan dtg mengganggu dan bermulalah persoalan yang tak patut dipersoalkan.

Selasa, 6 Februari 2007

Learning Through Whole Life!

Learning is amazing, right? From nothing to knowing something, u can use ur knowledge to get more things!! Formal education its always on demand, but how about informal? We can get it from our daily life!

I learn ABC, 123,.. when i still a little girl. Its about 4 or 5 years old. My dad bought a blackboard and chalk so me and my sister can learn together. When i was 6, my parents sent me to kindergarten - Tadika Merah FELDA Sungai Koyan 1. At that time as i remember, i can read a book with easy words. The first book is Badang. Then when i was 7, i was registered to Sekolah Kebangsaan (LKTP) Sungai Koyan. But i only studying there for only two years. When i was 9 years old, my dad sent me to a religious school.

I start my new semester school in year 1986 at at Kampung Perak, Jerantut , Pahang. As i knew my dad sent me to this school because i am lazy to learning Al-Quran. Most of the lessons is in Arabic language. I learn Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematic, Tajwid, Tauhid, Feqah, Sirah Nabawi (History of prophets and their life journey), and Imla'. But is not only that i learn, i also learn how to pray in right way.

In the middle of 1987, i was transferred to Sungai Ular, Kuantan, Pahang branch. It is because my elder sister ask me to do so. I learn more and more about new lesson (Khat, Nahu, Sorof, Qawaid) and at this time i was put with older student. This is because, student who failed in year end examination, should repeat the class again until they are successful.

In year 1990, i was transferred again to another branch. At this time i was sent to Kampung Sempadan, Temerloh, Pahang. There are many pupils in here and that mean its more challenging. But when i come in at first day, they think i am a smart girl. Because i studying in advance chapter than them. I just smile, because i knew i have a normal brain. But every time when i sat for an exam, i always got successful result and never repeat the same class. When i was 15, i study in Thanawi Awwal class.

2 years and 8 months later after quit from that school, i was enter to another school. Still a religious school but it was under government control. I was 17 years old 9 months when i register to Sekolah Menengah Agama Khairiah (SMAKH) at Kuala Terengganu in 18th March of 1995. I was put in Form 3 Arab 6 - out of 7 class overall. Then i have to repeat the same form in year 1996 - first time i repeat the class, because i have to sit for Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) Examination. I was very shame at that time but after being advised by our principle assistant and my sister, i study with other student which is four years younger than me in 3 Arab 2.

After get 6A and 3B in PMR, i was offered to SMAASZA & KOSPINT - two elite religious school at Terengganu, but i refuse because of some personal matter. I tried to enter technical school, but because my age is over the limit, so i stay at SMAKH.

I participate many club at school just to make sure is more easier for me to apply my further study at local university. i don't know it works or not because luckily i get first grade with 8 aggregate in my SPM result. The worst paper is English! And the best one, of coz my accounts paper.

Isnin, 5 Februari 2007

Part Time Job

It was in year 2001, my dad just come back from visiting a science centre at KLCC. He told me to ask the staff for temporary job. My dad never ask me to find a job, but right now? A question mark arise in my puzzle head. Before this i really want to do a temporary job but my dad always did not agree with my choice. But now??? So one day, i went out to KLCC and find the science exhibition. It was located at level 4, Suria KLCC shopping complex. I queue like other visitor, pay the RM12 ticket and begin my journey. A black big seat like a cup is ready for me. I entered the "cup" and just watching all over the walls that speak to me??

When i arrived inside the exhibition centre, i just walk and walk until at so many hanging balls area. Then i spoke to one staff, seems like he trying to explain me about the exhibit, but i more interested to ask about the temporary job as my dad told me. A good conversation between us make a one deal. I just need to email to him my resume and he will help me to get that job. I am so thankful to him for helping me because this is my first experience to find a job.

One day, when i was at Penang for family vacation, i receive one call from him. He said that i was chosen to attend an interview with Petrosains HR personnel. I am so glad, because everything just happen in a month.