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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My new environment

At last!, i got new job...it almost one year ago...just want to share with you guys out there.

Changing new job is not easy, if you read my blog before regarding about searching new job you will know, how difficult is the way to get in there!

with some helps from Mimi, our HR exec (now PA to auditor at Telekom), she sent my resume to one of her friend who his company looking for new account exec. so i just try my luck.
i had been called, attended interview- which is actually my will be new bos, and get result within 3 days???this time is so fast, very easy. at that moment i was so grateful to Allah. i was offered to come on 13th August 2007 - Monday. actually they want me to come next week but i need to clear up my work as i have lots projects account to handle! and of course, not everyone will understand my schedule of works!

So on 15th August, i punch my card for my position as acc exec at property dept. i was responsible for Menara SPK(now Menara MBF) - 18 floor- at jln sultan ismail and The Seriska(14 units of apartments/townhouses at jalan langgak golf.

Maintenance/construction accounts and property accounts is totally different. For me this is time to learn new things! If before this I have to review and overview spare parts, contracts agreement, claims as so on, now what I have to do is much easier.. huhu..

My boss let me involved in audit, which means this is new.. before, I only gave our auditor the files and they did the schedule themselves. Now I have to force myself to do it..

Maintain the property accounts, I have to make sure all funds is enough to payback loan, bills and so on..

Parking arrangement is really nuisance, hate it sooo but enjoy to do it..crazy enough ha…

Now I knew the rate, tax you have to pay, applying license..bla..bla..but the most irritating is when I need to get confirmation with client..i really need a good two way communication…like my lecturer said, “communication is important, especially in marketing”. Woooorrr is much easier working as volunteer at Petrosains..really miss that place..

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