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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

After almost 1 year

Searching for new job is not as easy as i think, luckily i have lots of friends who supported me thru my "what the hell of job you doing?and how you can thru all this very cheap pay?" hehehe..

Last year, i gave my resume to one of my buddy at office. She said, her friend looking for new staff for his company. Just to try, i said okay la. The company was located at Ampang Point (the true is the company is owner of Ampang Point building).

Okay it was so fast, i have to attend interview on Tuesday or Wednesday and after all the smooth questionnaire, i was called back on Thursday. Ya Allah, so fast, they already decide to hire me!in 1 week. but i gave them an accuse as i need to handover my work..i have lots of work to do!So they gave me 2 weeks.
I met my boss and show my letter offer. He said, ok..we can't pay you that much.erk??and he said, anyway you don't have lots of works right?..oh oh...in almost 4 years i working there he did not notice my load of work??

arghhhh..don't care about you la anymore boss..

In the last week before i resign, my friends cheer me up with foods, present and lots of pictures!

hahahaha...i just laugh even this is my last week. Friend of my said, you are laughing to leaving us? well i just need new environment -liar! new good pay actually. even i knew i have to work on Saturday...i just console myself..just be patient..

So i need to repost my first day on 13th August 2007, of coz it was Monday. After my farewell day on Friday, i went home with happiness..and enjoy my last Saturday free of work!

On Sunday 12th, i received news from my sister -in-law, that she, my brother and my mom was commit with an accident at nearby my first brother's house. I was shocked and together with my young brother and sister-in-law, we went to Hospital Kuala Lipis to visit my mom. I was told that my mom need a surgery to re-locate her left arm bone. And she need to have this operation at Hospital Temerloh.

Then i followed inside the ambulance

My first time huh, the ambulance drove very fast, passing all toll without pay any..that night become so long to me.

Monday 13th, i decide to stay with mom at Hospital. I bought clothes, toiletries etc. Mom was allocated at 5th floor, where is all the patient is had experienced bone surgery. Oh really scared to watch them all the time. That night was so cold, and i sleep on chair without a blanket.

i had been told by a doctor before that my mom maybe have to stay until 1 week. then i just call HR staff at Nadin to inform them about my condition. Luckily, my mom could check out on Tuesday 14th!

on 15th, i punch my card for the first day at Nadin Management SB.

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