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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Setia City Mall: 1st Sight

sight seeing is a best thing when you have much free time. spent time with your loves one gonna make it more happening!

we went to Setia City Mall at Setia Alam and i must say that i love it at first sight! haha. no kidding. got almost everything here. okay is like 2nd Pavilion, but it was totally huge mall. a good drive way to parking area, latest elevator, a big restroom..and so on. i just went there to get a pair of shoes.

but i also get some scarves & hijabs. i need to go there again. seriously.

setia mall
i miss H&M store, better shop here than Pavilion!

setia mall
on 14th Oct 2012

setia mall
dialing his mama's hp to locate her in this huge mall.. yeah we were went there altogether!
next time i should take more pictures!


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