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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The RedDISH of Kenny Rogers Roaster

Venue; KRR Ampang Point, 13 January 2010, Wednesday

i just got email from kak Lyn regarding about that KRR will have its Red Day.. is all about to wear some red on that day..anything red, and must be easy to see!! (so who wear red lingerie..how ah?..haha) than you can get another free meal (same dish+same price) when you go to KRR that day ONLY! so we plan to wear read...so the staff of nadingroup came about 18pax..can you guys handle us??

how pity i am to look Ulfa's face like that..she so hungry...and the waitress still not come yet..

these 2 girls Lyn & Nadia smiling face reaction to the late service??how come!!!!

other site table..they wear blue pale shirt still got half price..how come?? ~bcoz they also our team..~

while i am not talking anything..i am good girl..

after got meals..all silent..huh!

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