Octopus Sushi Treats!

December 2009...i treat my self with other friends with this meals...all from Octopus Sushi, Ampang Point Shopping Centre...because we are from management office, we got 10% discount each time we eat...marvelous, yummy..yummy

kerabu mangga..


erm ....apa ek??

ramen with tempura RM19.90

sushi???price..forgot la..

kids bento....RM15.90

also try this one okay...RM10.50

this is too delicious..RM9.00

sushi with yolks RM2.80??forgot already but this sushi in yellow plate is cheapest

octopus sushi? hahaha...RM5.80??

assorted sushi

rice with half fried egg, crispy & chicken with pineapples sauce RM10.50

steamed, full not order additional dishes..yummy lol RM14.90

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