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Friday, January 15, 2010

when i have to walk away...

its really hard to say good bye to someone i love. the day i have to go through is more tougher than to complete my accounts task..

day to day i i think the way to stop all this..weird, sadly, uncomfortable, i just dont want to let him go as he did to me. but i have to. so one night, i told him thru YM that i have no feeling on him anymore...i will not sms him anymore-any kind of flirt sms i mean..we will be friend only...but i sense that he felt like uncomfortable..but he said, ok if you want like that..so from that time, we not calling anymore, sms, mms, or chit chat like before..it just really like a complete stranger and i dont like this situation.

when i asked him about his plan, his life; he sound sarcastically to me..." i thought after that you dont want to know about me anymore?" ohh man...so i couldn't act as you are? you treat me like a friend only...so can't i treat you like a friend too??

still until today you still the one who left me with an empty bottle to fill up. and i feel empty since that day till this time and i don't know when its gonna filled with joy & love again


  1. hai anis '

    thanks sebab follow blog moon

    im sure u gonna find someone who is better ...koz kiter kena percaya yg hari mendatang pasti lagi better dari hari yg sebelum ...

    cheer up ya

  2. thanks Moon..
    cheer up..yes...have too la..


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