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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Check your receipt after pay...!!!A MUST!

last week i went to Giant APSC to buy powder milk. well, i like to drink instant Dutch Lady full cream milk instead if regular and low fat ones. so i took 1 packet and pay with Gardenia bread. on the way to go home i read back what i pay for. so it mention the DL Regular milk 700gm for RM14.29.. er..i thought i bought DL instant milk 600gm and it should be less price. never mind, i said to myself tomorrow i going back again to Giant.

i asking the cashier about the matters. she scan the bar code and the price showing RM14.29. i asking her to go to the rack to make sure the price again. because i feel something was wrong. when she came back she said all the milk is the same price. i am thinking that yesterday when i took the milk i saw another price about RM12++ for instant milk..which is i always pay that price when i purchase at the other stores. because i am lazy to fight for different RM2++ i just walk away..and saying to myself..next time i am not gonna buy my groceries at this store again..huh!!!

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