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Thursday, January 14, 2010

the day make me smile and felt silly

today is just like fine..i wake up for work as usual at 815am. had shower my body, ironing...and stir my Nescafe Gold Decaf. i put my after sun cream, light press powder and said salam to my beloved Mak..ok Mak said, "bye, see u again"..i smile and just get move to my Baby.

i drive my car...as usual speed at 60km/h hehehehehehe...that quite fast at residential areas...when i have to u-turn, i wait for 1 car infront of me to move..but it was too slow...so i have to cut his way..which is this is not my habit at residential areas-the road is small, many cars park outside...you can imagine at Taman Rasmi Jaya-Bukit Indah lane....

as i reach at 3 junction behind a high school, i have drive more slowly because vehicle can be suddenly overcome..but today..suddenly is not a car! a dog with broken leg want to cross the road..so i give a way..i wait till the dog crossing...but suddenly it just stood up in the middle of road. and the dog is big i think is about my knee height. it just look at me..i felt annoyed and i close all my window-i always open my window when i driving in morning to get fresh air...-scared if the dog jump into me..into my baby...i even talk to that dog..TALK? are you serious....?talking to the dog....??yeah yeah i am..i have to make the dog cross the road another halfway..until 1 car is coming and the dog follow the car...phewwww....

then i thought everything just good....until i want to make window shopping...and i couldn't find my purse..aiyyyyyaaaaah!!!where the hell i piu my purse??? Alhamdulillah today Norman bought Nasi Lemak for us...so don't have to buy my lunch..to make sure that i am not put anywhere not safely place my purse should...i call my mom to confirm...then gasp...good yeah my purse was on top my make-up basket..

next time please make sure you check everything is complete in your handbag especially if you want to exchange your handbag or because last night you went to somewhere and takeout your purse from handbag without returning it back inside like me did today!

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