Monday, May 14, 2018

2nd Baby Is Coming

15 Nov 2017 tested positive pregnancy.

15 Dec 2017 tested positive with urine test. 15 weeks 115g. Scanned. Expected 7th June 2018. RM104

29 Dev 2017 met O&G specialist Dr. Noraini Noor. Same doctor while pregnancy Aqlan. EDD 3rd June or 8th June 2018. RM299

2 Jan 2018 glucose 6.2 which is higher but cholesterol level is low. As I stop consume cholesterol pill control since 4th Nov 2017. KKM Sg. Besi.

26 Jan 2018, no blood problems. Weight is 71.5kg. Baby weight is 373gm. Start consume fish oil for baby. RM194.10

2 Mar 2018 - I can't remember about this day.

24 Mar 2018. Sugar blood testing. Result is 8.2 after drink sugar water.

25 Mar 2018. BSP test. RM52.

30 Mar 2018, baby weight is 1.5kg. RM283.

20 April 2018, weight is 75kg. Baby is 1.9kg. RM134. No medicine supplies for today. Zcat San and Aqlan come visit the doctor together.

3 May 2018. Weight is 76kg, baby weight 2.2kg. RM200++

14 May 2018. Weight 78kg, baby 2.7kg. RM130++ Zcat and Aqlan visit together. We have a shock news today as my BP result for 1 week showing high reading up to 170/90+, so Dr. Noraini suggest for immediate czer. We discuss about charges, room, and BTL.

Hope everything goes well. With my O&G doctor, Dr. Noraini Nor.

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