Monday, February 18, 2013

Aerobic Or Yoga?

1st time joined yoga class just before i get married. think that i can't control my healthy diet properly, i should try yoga. and yeah it was so painful. imagine your bones being folded! i can only attend 1 time before get married, and after that yoga class that being organized by our HR was discontinue. reason? less of participant. oh no!

i attend yoga class again when my LB ask to join him to attend body jam at Fitness First. it was fun, but must be with good instructor, Ucop.  i did body jam before, but i was long time ago with Bernard. after body jam. i attend yoga class by Emily. argh...the spine, the hamstring, abdomen, especially my tummy..really going to explode. 

but for fitness, i do like yoga class.

and yes, till today both of us still not register for any marathon yet for this year. he said let register for 10km? are you kidding me? i need to walk at least 5-7km per week. um... do mallhoping is 1 kind of walking for fitness? hehe.
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