Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 ntv7 Run ~ Goodie Bag

what we got? ummmmmmmmmmm..must say that goodie from ntv7 run is soooo much better than Standard Chartered Run even it was the biggest run in Malaysia! i just got 1 tin of 100+ and a participating certificate when i finish it.

fee is RM25. we got;-
  1. 2 coupon from Burger King ~ need to buy 1 large carbonated drink so free for burger
  2. 1 miniature of Davidoff Energy EDT
  3. 1 pair of socks from Brooks
  4. 1 magazine ~ Health Today
  5. 1 bottle of balm
  6. 1 patch
  7. 1 discount coupon RM120 from Brooks to buy sport shoes above RM300
  8. 1 sample of Pedigree & Whiskas pet food ~ i give all to zcat for his mom (he change pedigree ~ dog food with Whiskas at their tent)
  • there is 1 booth for San Francisco Coffee ~ too long to queue, we skipped it!
  • Pedigree/Whiskas booth give you all sample for free. zcat collect about 9!
  • Snickers, 1 got 2, zcat got 3!
  • 100+ ~ drink as much as you wish!
and many more which we not cover up..hungry.....
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  1. frust tak dapat join
    clash dgn date acu ke vietnam :(

  2. acu next year la. ni dah jadi acara tahunan kitorang. ;p


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