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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update Upload New Pictures: Times Square to JJ Klang

haa...my yellow mood..i love yellow and i think yellow suit my happy go lucky mood. so when i in serious mood, i wear black..why? don't ask me..

 we went to Times Square
 i love this pics..hehe
then we ate at Subway
 hari ni kita nak pergi 3 tempat utk mallhoping
lepas ni pergi cari router u dkt Plaza Low Yat

ok sebab hujan lebat kat luar, kitorg minum kat Old Town Kopitiam Plaza Low Yat dulu lps dah beli router
i ngantukla u..u lak suka snap2 gamba i..paparazzi betulll..
i bau ada air dtg ni...
ok sedap ice lemon with honey~our must drinks now.

then we head off to BTS back for pray
after pray, i use my lotion to keep my hands smooth
nak tau ke? after sun by Watson jek~botol pun mesti kuning jugak..hahaha
then he drove my car
he loves to drive my car. he even miss my car steering, my car wheels..
and i like to put his SMARTtag over his chest..hahaha chomelll
and i smile because i don't have to drive my baby
when we arrived at JJ Klang he ask me to try this new-meal-to-me
its too hot & spicy but delicious
he shake the soy bean bottle
he loves to do it again and again..haha smiling face
Shihiin Taiwan Stall..please have a try. u gonna surprise
after magrib we spent some time at Starbucks..look at me..he snap my face again..i warned him!
i gonna take ur wallet, memorize ur IC no and actually i cant remember..and i just count all his cards~about 20++ in his wallet..
toys 'r' us card-credit card-jj card-aam card and many more...
and i tired so i drink some juice
and smile at him
and said; dah-dahla amik gamba i...


  1. gedik kan ko nok...hehe jeman comeyy

  2. aku rasa aku tergedikla saat ni..haha..jika jeman baca blog aku nanti dia ingat aku pompuan pasan..

  3. lama tak layan blog kak neng..tup tup ade plak jejak bernama jeman...ape citer nih???ade pe per ker....happy semcam jer..mana2 jeman..tak boleh jadi nih!!!yome jeles...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. nape yome nak jeles plak? tak fahamla...haha

  6. yome jeles pasal takleh rempit ngan kak neng la pasal jeman dah ade....hahahaha...

  7. rempit mesti! Jeman takle rempit..dia takde motor besar...


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