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Friday, April 4, 2014

Some Stupid Things

some stupid things can happen. and you hate it. you hate it because its happen to you. not to everyone else. you get mad because its happen in your limit time, or in emergency needs.

today i experienced it again.

i try to make money transfer cause it is most cheap method right now. you don't have to queue, you don' t have to write down a cheque. you even don't need to meet the seller!! social life at your fingertips!

unsuccessful transfer mean you have to wait another time to make it again. retype again. which is i hate that job. i hate using my keyboard. is not auto correct like smartphone. but bank already deduct the fees. how about the money? did they deduct too? i don't want to transfer the money again until bank confirmed not deducting my money.

so many negative words today. as earlier before noon i received some unlike news. i hate it. again another negative word!  


  1. Sabar. Jangan marah2. Tak baik untuk kesihatan.

    InsyaAllah duit tu akan dapat balik. :)


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