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Monday, May 2, 2016

Pinking Shears For Real Now

This time i bought the right shears for fabric. Well the last one ny husband bought via online was for paper etc.

We went to Spotlight The Mines Shopping Centre. Yes just to buy this shears. Actually i already put in my wishlish and will buy via online. But i feel like i need to satisfy myself by looking the shears with my hands on.

Turn up there was 50% discount for all shears. I mean ALL. I saw the discount notice but i still don't believe it. No no you cannot buy me Spotlight. Haha.

After touring and window shopping others thing..well yeah so many discount given until 3rd May 2016. So hurry up pals! And.. if you are card member you can get another RM30 cash discount if you spent at minimum of RM30 including discount items. The coupon was given directly to your email if you are card membership holder.

Well finally i got my pinking shears. My pinking shears is so damn good. I only paid for RM27.50. Wohooo..

This is noooot paid review or what so ever. I just soooo thrilled. Hahaha.


  1. Waduh inimah harus di translate dulu atuh mbak :D

    1. ini mudah sahaja...tiada tatabahasa yang sangat sukar difahami.


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