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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stage ON SALE!

oh no...i am not gonna spend my monies to something expensive. i was blurr when my friend Mimy sms me..

"wak, stage sale ni..ko nak kirim tak...tengok website ni..." some words i change. hahah...

ok what is the url address?

just go to this website

then...you may fall. fall in love!..ahahaha..

because 1st, i bought only 2...

after i went to MidValley with my BFF, i bought 6.

today i inbox my friend, i want another 3. yay!

ok...lets share in my blog only ..not share to use..what i have now..

me not in MAC yet, me mark STAGE..heh

ok i need another eyeliner, cheek color & foundation. lets make make calculation now!

btw, we really have fun at STAGE!

thanks Edmund! for being a such passionate person to help us to choose the right color for our skin. yeay! more stories at my friend Mimy blog

stage queue up

i'm ON STAGE babeh..
 we good....yeah... 
find big shop lot at MidValley, or Pavilion. also can try at Tropicana. gud luck guys, good things always grab 1st.


  1. beshnya shoping..

    still xpndai nak bermake up =)

  2. if u spent RM200 and above, u can be a member. u got free make up..a voucher and many more..

    make up is easy, kenala belajar main conteng2 dulu. i selalu praktis pagi sebelum malam ke dinner ke or ada event..sure u can dear!

  3. amboi ko nok balik STAGE berspeaking...oh yeahh berjaya bg ko terjebak

  4. suka stage korang dtg cara bersiri.. :)

  5. Aku bab mekap2 ni compact jek aku jage..bli yg mahal..
    yg conteng2 mata..& pipi aku men taram jek brand murah2..
    hehe! =D

  6. mimy; titiber kan..haha..anyway thanks menjebakkan aku mimy

    ratusiput; ada lagi entry nanti sebab ada lagi kirim...kekeke

    zura; kalau dah RM12 dari RM48 mahu tak rembat..


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