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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

...Your Understanding..

i think understanding to each other needs in a relationship is a part key of happiness. but to understand, sometimes we need to ask.

i am happy because he understand that;

  1. i am busy in morning, so i couldn't reply sms/mms asap.
  2. while i am taking a long period to resume my pray from went to washroom until checking my hijab is neat & tidy, he never call.
  3. when i said good night first - means i don't want to be bothered and need full rest, he reply nite2 & no more sms/call after that.
  4. i was driving - please i was speeding at 80km at least, so i ignored all call & sms.

i don't like people shouting at me, being anger because i am late pick up the phone especially. is really annoying.

but i do angry if i call someone more than 3 times and nobody pick up the call. okay, it will happened when someone make promise to meet at bla..bla.. time and never show up, until 30 minutes later. i become crazy. so I'm not a patience person? i was trying to understand you know.


  1. betul tu...bukan sng jugak sebenarnya... :)

  2. Biasanya jika kita suka dan bahagia diterima cara kita sebegitu, kita juga wajar memberikan respons/layanan yang sama kepada orang lain juga.

    Adil, kan?

    Memburu “Darah” Terbaik...

  3. ratusiput; memang payah tapi kenala belajar kalau dah suka....hehehe

    kak azie; memang. cuma saya tak suka promise. sebab timing tu penting bagai saya.

  4. mgkin ada sebba dia lambat kot eri chan...tp sy pun xsuka menunggu sbnarnya..


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