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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Decoration At Pavilion & Fahrenheit

its just 20th November, but Pavilion & Fahrenheit has already decorate the mall. we actually came to this mall to buy Harry Potter new sequel ticket. but, naaaa we didn't have luck in here. seat & time is not acceptable. so we went for mallhoping after Tropicana.
 its like a bomb zcat said. well actually it was a BIG bell

 inside Fahrenheit

the Christmas tree was made up from CD! creative!

went to Uniqlo - a new brand shop from Japan. but nothing catch my eyes to buy something. except the bra tank top. i may visit again to have at least 1. cool wear tank top without bra because its already came with bra! amazing, i googled it already..RM79.90.


  1. wooo bestnyaa anis.....besaqnyaaa beLL merah tuh....comeilaa en.teman anis...lama tak siNggah sini...windu meyh

  2. ann; yer cik merah..

    nida; rindu sampai ke tulang..hehehe


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