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Monday, November 22, 2010

ChicKing at Tropicana Mall, Kota Damansara

searching for new fast food outlet? here we went last Saturday. we love mallhoping and this is our 2nd time to Tropicana Mall. some kiosk has changed, some shop lot has changed. 

there are healthy food & fruit contest. drawing..and its..BORING....by the way, zcat love to snap pictures. so lets take a look.

our mission is to taste the new and first outlet open at Malaysia - ChicKing from UAE. lets try and comments..


 the girl feels like a star when zcat snap this picture..
eh eh whose that?
waiting the meals falling from top
 the rice is delicious

so for our 1st time taste, it was just okay. the fried chicken taste like KFC but more crunchier. the rice is very nice. while all the price is cheap actually. no tax so you can easily calculate your budget especially in the end of month. happy for me, zcat paid everything!


  1. faryn baik kau pergi.....sos kimball dia bagi kau..

  2. aku tak minat sangat nak pegi tropicana ni coz tempat yang agak membosankan jugak tapi dek sebabkan ChicKing ni aku nak pegilah, sedap yer nok...boleh cuba nih


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