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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wedding Reception; Ms Camelia & Mr Kamarol

remember last time i i blog about wedding invitation from my Chinese friend? oh yeah..she convert to a Muslim. unfortunately i am not attend their solemnization ceremony as i had to pick up my niece at Kuala Pilah last Friday.

the reception was held at Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang on 19th November. me and zcat arrived at 7:31pm. we sign the guest book card, passed the angpow and take 1 st picture with the groom & bride.
yin ping, kamal, me & zcat
ah yes...we walk straightly to the table no 12 but it was full with my office mate colleague. so i turn to table no 13.

so thirsty...i consumed lots of water..er soft drink. while some fellow around us having red wine, beer..and so....
the 70s person is awesome being together. the picture mood said it already

our dinner start after the groom & bride finished greet the guest at reception table.

before the "YAM" ceremony.

9 meals was served. it was memorable when we all together said "YAM....................................."until the last breath for bride & groom.. i must said this is the best part. and was glad that i been invited.

we ate the meals with passion..so no pictures of foods taken. hahaha.. enjoy the moment.

1 Malaysia

with auntie Mooi, yin ping's mom

may they live happily ever after

thanks! all the food is awesome!


  1. Semoga Pn. Kamarol akan menjadi muslimah sejati dan En. Kamarol pula menjadi pembimbing serta contah teladan sebagai muslim yang baik buat isteri beliau. Amin. :)

  2. Aminnnn...

    Selamat Pengantin Baru.

    Yin Ping tu sangat kecik molek. So cute!

  3. Nama baru pin ..camelia ek..wowwww..selamat sudah menjadi muslim dan isteri..semoga berbahagia pin

  4. AA; yin ping memang kecik molek orangnya...hihi

  5. mimy; nama je camelia..tapi kitorang panggil Ping juagk...hehe

  6. alhamdulillah..bertambah lg org baru kite kan...smoga berbahagia hgga ke akhir hayat... :)

  7. ooo ping masuk islam...alhamdulillah..selamat pngantin baru...

  8. selamat pengantin baru, harap lepas ni lebih menjurus kearah keislaman

  9. wah yin ping dah kawen?? alhamdulillah akhirnya dah selamat jadi isteri orang..semoga menjadi muslimah sejati ;p kita doakan sama2 ek


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