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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Week Without Facebook

yes, i was deactivated my FB for a week since last week. i made this decision after i felt there is not so much good things using this application.
i was signed up with FB in 2009. i was curious about finding FB as a medium to find my old friend, then..i closed my friendster, multiply, forgot my hi-5, myspace. er fan box..and what else? closing my YM because too much spammer and strangers.

i am thinking about closing my account on FB forever several months ago. then my ex-friends at matriculation appoint me as admin for our page. i am so happy to chat with them back again. yup..mostly of them get married. have children. and some of them divorce. yup they not reach age 30 yet.
chit-chatting with a single friends is the best. i have no idea to talk when they talk about husband/wife..children, in-laws. honestly, men talking more about their career, hobbies..and women talk about husband & children. single talk about boyfriend/girlfriend. and the engagement..plan to get married.

some single friend don't want to talk about being live together with life partner. they are more likely to talk about what their plans to achieve something. to gain..to accumulate property. to pay-back education loan. and to grow up beautifully/handsomely. 

yeah their successful in their dreams made me feeling small. but i was happy to hear them.

people change. but memories remains.

a week without looking FB updates by friends relieved me. yeah it was their wall...they can write anything they want...but should i remove them as they update every hour..minutes maybe? ahahaha...hide them is more polite. i am sorry.


  1. Its ur choice terpulangla beb..masing masing nya wall kan..aku tak kisah pun..sbb aku suka mengomel..

  2. mimy; aku hampir nak tekan delete submit button dah tadi. jap aku fikir..tengok 1-2 minggu lagi

  3. aku tengah dalam bersurut2 mengurangkan update...bosan

  4. ann; dah takde FB tenang hidup...kalau tak dulu2 sikit2 nak cek status..tah pepe...cuma ialah tak tahu citer kawan2 yang latest...

  5. skang ratu pun kalau iklan2 byk dah unfriend dah.just simpan kawan2 skolah n yg mmg kenal je.cuma lately mmg tak ske sgt dah update status sndiri.fb lbh pd medium simpan gambar je skang ni :)


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