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Sunday, October 16, 2011

5km Fun Run - BSN-Putrajaya Night Run 2011

hey hey hey...this is my 2nd time in participating running activities. me? running? no ..i just walk. because why? after 100 meter i already felt cramp inside my left ankle. after 3km my pelvis felt so hurt...its just for fun i am not fit enough. by the way, it was a fun activity and yet a healthy one.

i pick zcat at 6pm. we ate half boil eggs for stamina. he is taking 10km run.. and i must say that i was surprised when he told me. with his weight, he fight all the negative thinking and did it well. he is not fainted! yup some participant fainted or get hurt last night! ambulances there, St. John ambulance there...the positive runners there.
there are 4 categories. 42km, 21km, 10km & 5km. medal only for all finisher except for fun run (5km)..so i don't have it. and zcat showing his big smile for his 4th medal this year only! also finisher in time expected got finisher t-shirt. yeah the face..they show the face!...i also met zcat friend who is taking 42km and she finish it! she? yes..she is  a woman. got it?!!!

enough story telling..lets show you some pics..

just wear it.

1 Malaysia..yeah some participant also from other countries

waiting time to flag off

runners for 42km. you see that uncle? everybody must envy of his strength and passion. 

also a kid..nope....they parent must hold them. all kid participate for 5km fun run...just like me...kid? ahahhaha

with a fire spinner guy. careful. hahaha

St. John bicycle patron

the spinners made crowd happy and amazed

10km runners reporting at 840pm

he was well prepare..

me report at 9pm (truth this pic taken after run)

this is when i cross the bridge heading to PICC. i must say..this is very far for me. most runners become walkers..hahahaha..penat wei..

return back after 53 minutes. i am extremely tired. macam mana nak masuk 10km ni weiiii

done..done....in 53 minutes. i must fight my own time next time

lets him happy with his 10km achievement. he is motivated me indeed!

show off! show off!!!!!!!

yup..i am not strong enough. shouldn't ate bingka ubi after run. get me dizzy lo.


as i knew from the DJ announcement la...

the 10km runner - women, malay women got no 7, first is chinese
the 10km runner - men, malay got no 4, first is indian

the 1st 21km runner complete in 1hr 23km and ...second..i couldn't heard it well...this is insane!

the 42km runner? we already back. tired la. zcat have to send me back coz i still dizzy. 

until next 2 weeks, we will participate for kfc-pizza hut world hunger walk..stay fit eri-chan, don't be lazy bump.


  1. clap clap.. itu nasib berlari waktu malam.. kalo siang cane? hehehe..

  2. mekchu, ada jugak siang..tapi sesudah subuhla....

  3. pergghhhh respek tul kat u sis...
    kalo i, tak sampai 1 km mau dah pengsan panggil ambulance hehehehe...


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