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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pear Shape Fashion Advice

the following advice was copied from www.bodyshapefashionadvice.com

i post it because i really love this fashion codes. just to make myself remember before shopping new  attire!


Pear Dresses

YES! beaded maxi dress
Look for dresses that add volume and detail on your top half or bust and flare out over your hips rather than cling.

Pear Heavenly dresses

  • A-line dresses will skim over those hips
  • Emphasise your bust with a low-ish neckline
  • Choose an embellished bodice with lots of detail

Pear frock horrors

  • Tight stretchy dresses will make your bum look bigger
  • Avoid sheath dresses and bias cut dresses
  • NO! linen sheath dress
  • Tiered flouncy bottoms will only add volume
Joy's Top Tip: Adding a structured bolero jacket to most flared dress styles will give a really flattering look for Pear shapes.



YES! wide leg trousers

Pear Jeans & Trousers

When it comes to jeans & trousers, stick to simple shapes and darker colours to minimise your bottom half.

Pear perfect pants

  • Go for wide leg, flat front trousers or flares
  • Clean lines and muted colours are best
  • Mid rise styles will be most flattering

Pear wrong trousers

  • Skinny jeans and jodhpurs will bring out your hips more
  • Cargo pants with pockets on the thigh will broaden you
  • NO! Jodhpurs (horse riding pants)
  • Steer clear of light bright colours and bulky buttons
Joy's Top Tip: Pear shapes can still look great in slim leg jeans; just team with a long hip-skimming tunic top for a fab fashion look.


Pear Skirts

Pears look great in skirts as long as you choose the right shapes; A-line and flared skirts will skim hips and thighs.

Pear skirts to choose first

  • Go for volume - either structured or full and flowing
  • A line skirts and full circle skirts are fab for you
  • YES! jersey maxi skirt
  • Maxi skirts and gypsy skirts are also excellent

Pear skirts that look worst

  • Tight pencil skirts and tube skirts are a no-no
  • Fishtail skirts will bring out your hips too much
  • NO! fish-tail skirt
  • Stay away from bias cut skirts too
Joy's Top Tip: Remember to keep the emphasis on your top half and you’ll find you’ll look great in most feminine skirt styles – wear them instead of trousers if you like them.

Pear Tops

YES! bell sleeve tops
Use layering to create a top half that balances with your bottom half and choose tops that highlight your bust.

Pear tops to be tempted by

  • Have fun with colour and striking necklines
  • Puff, kimono and bell sleeve tops will flatter
  • Try adding shrugs and gilets to a plain top

Pear tricky to wear tops

  • Avoid skinny lapels and small, dainty collars
  • Plain polo necks won’t give your top half that boost
  • Don’t hide your waist in big baggy tops
Joy's Top Tip: Ruffle blouses and tiered tops are really in right now and are perfect for Pear shapes. A puff sleeve ruffle blouse is your ideal top.

YES! wide lapels & structured shoulders

Pear Coats & Jackets

A good coat or jacket is an essential in a Pear wardrobe. Go for structured styles with well-defined shoulders.

Pear cutest coats & jackets

  • Go for wide lapels and structured shoulders
  • Details like faux-fur collars look great on you
  • Voluminous sleeves will balance you out

Pear coat crimes

  • Skinny lapels will just narrow your top half
  • Straight funnel neck coats will be tricky to fit
  • NO! skinny lapels
  • Slouchy shouldered styles don’t have enough structure
Joy's Top Tip: Try adding a funky brooch onto a lapel or adding a scarf to keep attention up top.


Pear Underwear

Use good underwear to give your bust a boost and shapewear to slim those hips and thighs.

Pear lucious lingerie

  • Consider a push-up or padded bra if you’ve a small bust
  • Thigh shaper control pants are a god-send – try them!

Pear unappealing underwear

  • Get rid of any ill-fitting bras and saggy knickers
  • Don’t go for a minimiser bra – you want to maximise!
Joy's Top Tip: Control top tights make a great alternative to shapewear for wearing with skirts and dresses.

 YES! knee boots

Pear Footwear

Choose shoes and boots with a medium to high heel to lengthen your legs and de-emphasise hips and thighs.

Pear fabulous footwear

  • Go for a high heel if you can handle it
  • Knee boots draw the eye to lower legs instead of thighs

Pear frightful footwear

  • Don’t pick shoes with very pointed toes
  •  NO! stilettos
  • Choose a sturdier heel than stilettos
YES! sturdier heels
Joy's Top Tip: Knee boots and an A-line skirt is a wonderful look for Pear shapes. If you’ve chunky calves look out for wide calf fitting boots.


Pear Accessories

Use unusual or chunky jewellery to draw the eye upwards and stick to handbags that sit under the shoulder.

Pear adorable accessories

  • Make a statement with a bold necklace and earrings
  • Add colour with a bright scarf

Pear accessories to murder

NO! long strap bag
  • Low slung belts will make your hips look bigger
  •  NO! low slung belts
  • Don’t go for long strap bags that rest at the thigh
Joy's Top Tip: For a pretty look, why not try a bright hairclip or headband? You could even give a hat a go - try a slouchy beret for starters.


  1. bagus utk org yg pear shapes..

    sy ni bkn pear shapes dah..watermelon shapes kot sbb dr atas ke bawk smeuanya bulat..

  2. yer betull banyak yang ko tunjuk ni badan pear semua aku belasah je fashion..hahah sesuka hati aku jeee

  3. alamak... long strap bag accessories to murder.. gulp!!!

  4. em bila tgk ni balik...nampak sgt slama ni main belasah je...ehehe..

  5. saya suka makan pear...
    tapi sayangnya body shape saya bukan lah pear....
    honeydew molat molat gitu...

  6. kawan2 sekelian sila ke web yang saya link tu dan ada mcm2 shaped fashion diorang advise. ada apple, hour glass, strawberry & rectangle.


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